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About Constants

This topic describes how the constants that you define in Composer have an associated Data Class. When you define a constant, you must respect the conventions of the relevant Data Class. These Data Classes include:

  • Strings
  • Integers
  • Dates
  • Decimal numbers

Strings: Data Class S

To specify a constant that is a String, you can use up to 256 characters. To delimit most String constants in DML expressions, use quotation marks (for example, "My Constant"). However, when you enter String constants in Table columns, do not enclose the constant in quotation marks.

In a DML expression, String constants can have contain all characters except the character " and the end-of-line character.

The following table summarizes how to format and add special characters to String constants:

The String Data Class is restricted to the Alphanumeric data type.

Integers: Data Class I

To specify a constant that is an Integer, you can use up to 28 characters. This constant:

  • must include at least one number
  • can include a plus or minus sign (+ or -)

When no sign is present, the Integer is positive.

The Integer Data Class can use one of three data types: [FOR DETAILS Data Types]

  • Signed
  • Numeric
  • Packed

Dates: Data Class D

In AccountingIntegrator Enabler, a Date data class is simply a 6-8 length character string which enables you to specify a date in the following formats:

Number of characters Date format








The Date Data Class can use one of three date data types:

  • 8 characters
  • 7 characters
  • 6 characters

Decimal Numbers : Data class DN

To specify a constant that is a decimal number, you can use up to 29 characters:

  • 28 numeric characters
  • A separator: dot ( . )

The decimal constant is expressed as NNNNNNN.DDD where :

    • NNNNNNN is the integer part
    • . is the decimal separator
    • DDD is the decimal part (maximum lehgth: 9)

Constant = 000.00000 is allowed, whatever then number of zeros after the dot sign.

The possible data types are:

  • Signed
  • Numeric
  • Packed

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