About Folders in AccountingIntegrator Enabler


The procedure used to define Folders is the same for all Axway Servers. To define a new Folder, refer to Axway Composer documentation.

Defining UTF-16 parameter settings

In AccountingIntegrator Enabler, you use the Attributes tab to define UTF-16 and ASCII parameter settings in the same Composer.

AccountingIntegrator Enabler provides a mandatory predefined Encoding attribute. The possible values are ASCII/EBCDIC (by default) or UTF-16.


  • The Encoding attribute can only be defined and modified in a root Folder. Each child Folder inherits the value defined for the parent Folder.
  • There can be only one Encoding attribute per Folder.

Compatibility rules

Although you can change an ASCII Folder to a UTF-16 Folder, you are not allowed to change a UTF-16 folder to an ASCII Folder. In the same way, to avoid mixing UTF-16 and ASCII objects in Folders during Copy/Paste, Move (via the Entity Browser) or Import/Export actions, you are not allowed to move files from a UTF-16 Folder to an ASCII/EBCDIC Folder.

For more information on UTF-16 parameter settings, refer to Configuring a UTF-16 Server.

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