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About the CSV Import tool

Using the CSV Import tool

Resolving errors

About the CSV Import tool

The CSV Import tool creates a list of Leaf Elements from field descriptions contained in an external text file. Use the CSV Import tool as a faster alternative to creating a Business-Document in the Dictionary tab.

Note: The CSV Import tool does not automatically create the Business-Fields associated with the Leaf Elements that it creates in the Business-Document. If you import via the CSV Import tool you cannot import a Business-Document that contains redefinitions of these fields.

You access the CSV Import tool via the icon on the Business-Document Definition tab.

Using the CSV Import tool


You must:

Creating the Import file

Create a text file with the following structure:

Name <sep>Type<sep>Length<sep>Label


  • Name represents the name of the field to create in the Business-Document.
  • <sep> represents the field separator in your text file. By default this is set as a semi-colon (;) However you can select any of the characters defined in the standard AccountingIntegrator Enabler character set.
  • Type represents the data type. You can designate your own code for each of the predefined AccountingIntegrator Enabler data types (Alphanumeric, Numeric, Signed, Packed and Date) using any three characters. For example, ALP for Alphanumeric and SGN for Signed.
    Specify your selected code in the Data Type field in Step 1 of the import process.
  • Length represents the number of characters in the field. The value permitted depends on the data type. For example, a value between 1 and 256 characters for an alphanumeric data type.
  • Label represents a free text zone you can use to describe the field.

Importing a Business-Document

To import a Business-Document, use the following steps:

Step 1 - Selecting the file containing the Leaf Elements description

  1. Click on icon bar on the Business-Document Definition tab. The Leaf Element import window is displayed.
  2. Complete the Leaf Element import window as follows:


    The file must be prepared in advance.

    The file must be encoded in UTF-8.

    Enter the file name or click Browse to open up the search window to locate the required file.

    Click Open to read the selected file into the application.

    Field separator

    Specify the column separator in the file. By default, it is the semicolon (;), however you can select any of the characters defined in the standard AccountingIntegrator Enabler character set.

    Data type

    Specify your custom code, if any, for each of the AccountingIntegrator Enabler data types. Composer maps your codes to the standard AccountingIntegrator Enabler ones so as to identify the data types in the selected file and determine if they are valid. [FOR DETAILS Step 3 - Viewing the imported Business-Document]

    Create Business-Fields for each Leaf Element

    Select the check box to automatically create a Business-Field for each Leaf Element identified by the CSV Importer.

    AccountingIntegrator Enabler does not create the Business-Field if an identical one already exists, that is with the same  name, data type, and  length.

    Include the original name of the Leaf Element in the label

    Select the check box to add the Leaf Element name as a prefix to the Label of the field created in the Business-Document.

  3. Click Next to proceed to Step 2. The CSV Import tool then displays a list of fields found in the specified file.

Step 2 - Identifying the fields to create

The CSV Import tool displays all the Leaf Elements found in the specified file in the Available list on the left pane.

Use the following buttons to transfer all or portions of this list to or from the Selected list in the right pane.

Click To transfer...

Add >

only the selected Leaf Element from the Available to the Selected list

Add all>>

all of the fields from the Available to the Selected list


only the selected Leaf Element from the Selected back to the Available list

<<Remove all

all of the fields from the Selected  back to the Available list

Click End to generate the selected Business-Document fields.

Step 3 - Validating the import

The CSV Importer inserts the fields selected in Step 2 into the Business-Document tree structure.

To view the properties of a Business-Document, right-click the selected Business-Document and select . Composer displays the properties of the Business-Document in a tree structure in the Definition tab.

Resolving errors

For information on resolving errors, refer to AccountingIntegrator Enabler Enabler Error Messages Guide.

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