Business-Document: General tab

Complete the fields on the General tab as follows.

Field Contents



Enter the name of this Business-Document. This is the logical name that is used to reference the Business-Document object throughout the software.

You must respect the following limitations on the maximum length of the name:

  • input Business-Document: enter up to 25 characters.
  • output Business-Document: enter up to three characters.

The characters in the name must respect the general naming conventions.


Enter an optional free-text description for the Business-Document. This text appears in the Entity Browser (Label field), Output-Event Browser and as a tooltip when you position the cursor over the Business-Document object.


This field displays the current status of the Business-Document, set to ToBeChecked by default. You cannot directly change the status in this field.  [FOR DETAILS: life cycle and statuses]



From the drop-down list, select the structure type that describes the data in the Business-Document:

  • input Business-Document to define an Input-Event segment.
  • output Business-Document (Name defined using three characters)to define an Output-Event segment.

After you save this Business-Document, the Type field changes to a read-only field. You can no longer modify the structure type of the Business-Document.

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