AI Enabler 2.2.1 Release Notes

New features and enhancements

Axway Server to publish to Repository

In the list of Axway Server versions, you can select the 2.2.x version and in the list of Axway Server types you can select the Repository type o store the configuration files into a specific folder.

The default folder is %Composer_Path%\enablers\AccountingIntegrator\AISRepository.

The files are stored in %Composer_Path%\enablers\AccountingIntegrator\AISRepository \\aiConfiguration\.

New parameters to Processing-Context-In

In the Processing-Context-In objects, you can define parameters which were previously defined in script.fic.

The parameters are:

  • STEP
  • Decimal_Division
  • I_Exit_Restructuring_Ievent
  • O_Exit_Restructuring_OSegt
  • I_Aggregation_Ievent
  • O_Aggregation_Osegt
  • I_Exit_Aggregation_Ievent
  • P_Aggregation_OSegt_Group
  • P_Exit_Aggregation_OSegt_Group
  • O_Exit_Aggregation_Osegt
  • I_Sort_Ievent
  • Memory_Sort
  • Length_Average_Isegt
  • Length_Average_Osegt

The availability of Cyrillic characters is enabled

The availability of Cyrillic characters is enabled in the labels, descriptions, mapping expressions and comments fields of Finance objects.

Fixed problems

  • M121512: Generation folder path incorrectly generated
  • M121258: Warnning message to be added at the recursive-check of an Input-Event used as output
  • M126250: DML: execution error when CHECKTABD returns check error
  • M120570: DML: word returned by search function has an incorrect structure report on trunk
  • M128747: Cannot save a transformation rule after changing its version
  • M123604: Incomplete collapse menu button
  • M125332: SQL error during xml import
  • M120570: DML: word returned by search function has an incorrect structure
  • M124710: An item "Properties..." does not appear anymore in garnishing
  • M131473: Transformation rule not exported in ctx.mvt if a rule audit had the same name
  • M135974: Unable to install Composer Enablers on an Oracle database using ServiceName
  • M131410: Error generated when creating a container
  • M128779: Script configuration tab in ProcessingContext-In object - The default value for Step is E instead of ETS
  • M134351: NPE when checking an Input Event of type output which has no phase defined
  • M141083: Documentation AI Enabler- Wrong incrementation number in chapter Monitoring implementation steps

Known issues

Refer to the known issues for Composer 3.8.


This section describes documentation enhancements and related documentation.

The AI EnablerAccounting Integration documentation set includes the following documents:

  • Composer 3.8 Deployment Guide
  • Composer 3.8 User Guide
  • Composer 3.8 Administrator Guide
  • Axway Supported Platforms
  • Axway Interoperability Matrix

Support services

The Axway Global Support team provides worldwide 24x7 support for customers with active support agreements.
Email or visit Axway Sphere at


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