Auto-mapping parents

When you create a data link, all repeating structures that contain the target node are identified and the structural links are automatically created between the source and target parents with multiple cardinality, in bottom-up order.

Note   Multiple cardinalities have the upper limit of two, at a minimum.

If a structural link cannot be automatically created for a target node, a warning is displayed on all upper parents indicating there is a repeating structure.

Note   You may want to link the structural link to a repeating input structure.

If an element is located inside a parent with cardinality (for example, 0-unbounded) and that parent is not linked, the output will contain only one occurrence of the linked element. This may produce an undesired output form.

In the following example, the title is linked to the title element. The parents on the source (left side) with multiple cardinality are linked to the parents with multiple cardinality on the target (right side), in order, starting from the element's level:

  • The source, book (0-unbounded), is linked to the target, book (0-unbounded).
  • The source, bookcategory (0-unbounded), is linked to the target, bookcategory (0-unbounded).

Visual Mapper auto-link parent node example

Visaul Mapper Auto Linking to parent node example

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