API Management versions 7.5.X and 7.6.X have reached end of support in November 2020.
Check out the latest version of the documentation.


  • When you launch the Administration, the components that you configured in autostart will start automatically. This configuration is only done through the Admin UI, where you can add/remove components and set the priority.
  • Axway Administration provides transversal administration features for a subset of Axway products. It comprises the Administration Agents, Manager and UI.
  • Refers to part of the company network that can be accessed from outside the private network. It is used to expose entry points of the service provided by the company, without allowing direct access to the internal network. A DMZ is usually less secure than the private network therefore storing confidential information in this zone is not recommended.
  • An Environment is a set of Axway installations. Environment typically represents a production, pre-production or development environment.
  • Corresponds to the object assigned to a physical server.
  • An infrastructure instance represents a group of products installed at the same home directory. For products to share the same home directory, they must be installed on the same server. You can have several of these products running at the same time and several instances running simultaneously on an infrastructure.
  • This word is used to define a specific server installation. Some Axway products need to have a key generated using a logical name, in addition to the host name. You can choose to use the machine hostname as the logical name but it is not mandatory. Shared secret
  • A password or passphrase used for authentication, exchanged only between the parties involved, in a secure communication. In this guide, you define the shared secret password during PassPort installation. Afterwards you use this password to authenticate the connection between PassPort and another Axway product.
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which is the predecessor of Transport Layer Security (TLS), is an encryption protocol that ensures communication security over the Internet. See TLS for more information.
  • SSO (Single Sign-On ) is functionality provided by PassPort that enables users to log in once for multiple Axway products (PassPort, Sentinel, Transfer CFT, InterPlay, and so on) providing an integrated solution. When this feature is activated, you need only enter your credentials once in the landing page to be able to connect to an Axway product UI that supports SSO.
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) is an encryption protocol that ensures communication security over the Internet. TLS encrypts the network connection above the transport layer. TLS uses asymmetric cryptography for key exchange, symmetric encryption for privacy and message authentication codes for message integrity. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the predecessor of TLS.

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