Custom XSLT code

If you are familiar with Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) code you can use the CustomXsltCode option from the Visual Mapper palette to enrich the transformation using expressions. This option is useful if you are an XSLT code expert and if the existing functions do not meet your use cases.

To create custom XSLT code, you can:

  • Drop the CustomXsltCode from the Visual Mapper palette over child elements (leafs and records) and attribute target or exsiting links, or
  • Add the CustomXsltCode from the context menu (from Set function -> Custom code -> CustomXsltCode).
Note   If the CustomXsltCode is placed on a record, all its children are grayed out and cannot be linked.

To edit the custom XSLT code, you can:

  • Double-click on the Custom XSLT box, or
  • Use the context menu (right-click on the Custom XSLT box and select Edit).
Caution   You are responsible for the validity of this custom code; therefore, it is neccessary to simulate the created map before you run it on the server.

For example, in the output, if you have an element with multiple cardinality and you want to map the input elements to the output elements in a certain order, you can drag and drop elements from the source schema into the expression editor area:

Edit the XSLT code screen example

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