Math functions

  • round: Rounds a numeric value to the nearest integer. If the decimal portion of the number is .5 or greater, it is rounded up to the greater whole number (even if it is negative); otherwise, it is rounded down. The result type depends the numeric type of the
    Full description: If $arg is untyped, it is cast to xs:double.
  • sum: Sums the values in a sequence. The $arg sequence can contain a mixture of numeric and untyped values. Numeric values are promoted, as necessary, to make them all the same type. Untyped values are cast as numeric xs:double values. The function can also be used on duration values; the $arg sequence can contain all xs:yearMonthDuration values or all xs:dayTimeDuration values (not a mixture of the two). The $zero argument allows you to specify an alternate value for the sum of the empty sequence. If $arg is the empty sequence, and $zero is provided, the function return $zero. The $zero argument could be the empty sequence. The integer 0, the value NaN, a duration of zero seconds, or any other atomic value.
    Full description:

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