Design, source, and run views

The Data Map Editor provides the following views for a mapping:

  • Design: Design a map graphically (default view).
  • Source: View the generated XSLT code for a map (read-only).
  • Run: Run a simulation to validate a created map.

Design view

Click the Design tab to design your map graphically. This is the default view.

Source view

Click the Source tab to view the generated XSLT code for the map you have designed on the Design view. This view is read-only.

Source view of mapping

Note   When you first create a map, the source code is generated for all mandatory elements. When you create links in the design view, the generated code is updated.
  • The generated code for optional target elements contains a test if instructions; therefore, if it is false the elements are not generated.
  • The generated code for mandatory target elements can have a value configured in the design view. If specified, it will contain the default value specified in the target schema or will contain no value.

Run view

To run a simulation to validate a created map:

  1. Click the Run tab.
  2. Select an Input file.
  3. Click Run. The Input, Output, and Settings sections display the content of the selected Input file.
    • Input: (read-only) Displays the content of the input test message.
    • Output: (read-only) Displays the content of the output message (if the simulation is successful). If an error occurs (for example, incorrect input which has syntactical errors), an error message is displayed. In Settings, if Log debugging information is selected, the debug information is logged.
    • Settings: Allows you to edit the input and output message encodings. If parameters are defined in the map, their names and values display in the Parameters table.
  1. Click Open debugging log to view the debug, warnings, and error messages.
  2. In Settings, enter the values for each parameter in the table. This enables the simulation to run correctly.
  3. Select Log debugging information to view the trace information in the log file after each simulation.


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