Configure auto-mapping settings

To configure the auto-mapping settings:

  1. Select the Settings icon, or go to Window > Preferences > Auto-mapping. The Auto-mapping screen is displayed:

Visual Mapper Auto-mapping screen with defaults selected

  1. Select the appropriate auto-mapping settings:
    • Enable auto-mapping: uncheck this box to disable auto-mapping completely
    • Match names: Only the children with the same name are linked, regardless of their case. The default value is on.
    • Match names - Case sensitive: Only the children with the same name and same case are linked. The default value for Match Names is on and for Case Sensitive is off.
    • Match type: The source must contain a compatible type with the target. Numeric, date and time, and binary values can only be assigned from values of the same family. For example, an integer value can be assigned from byte, short, int, integer, decimal or numeric value and a string value can be assigned with any value. The default value is on.
    • Match cardinalities: The minimum cardinality of the source terminal must be greater than or equal to the minimum cardinality of the target in order for the link to be generated between source and target terminal elements. When the this criterion is off, the target can be linked from an optional source. The default value is on.
    • Match search depth: Reduces the depth of source tree when you try to link with the target. First, the mapping algorithm will attempt to generate the links between the source and target container as they are. Then, it will reduce the parent of the source and take its children as if they were at the same level with their parent and try to map them to the target elements. This will continue until the value of match search depth is reached. The default value is 1.
    • Replace existing links: If some of the target children are already linked with other source elements, these links are replaced with the ones generated automatically using the children elements of the selected source. This may override links you had explicitly generated for the target children. The default value is off.

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