Topology and Pre-requisites

User prerequisites

In no particular order:

  • Creating and managing virtual nodes 
  • Familiarity with command line interface commands
  • Basic understanding of how JSON files are structured and how to edit them
  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • Operating systems
    • Mac (at least Yosemite 10.10+)
    • Windows 7 and/or 10
    • Linux Ubuntu (14.0.4+)
  • VMware or Docker depending which version you are installing (Docker knowledge applies to both OVA and regular installation)
  • Database software (e.g. MongoDB, etc.)


Three node setup

Eight node setup

Note: you will need to provide a valid SMPT server with authentication enabled.

Hardware requirements

API Runtime Services can be deployed to a minimum three (3) host clusters. However, to achieve high availability, a minimum of eight (8) hosts are recommended.

Minimal hardware requirements for on-premise installation

Physical node memory
Physical nodes (Production topology)
Physical nodes (Non Production topology)
Mongodb primary / secondary / arbiter
  • 10 GB root disk
  • /data 50G data disk

(Only primary and secondary nodes need separate volume raid10 for production usage)

8G 1 / 1 / 1 1 / 0 / 0
Infrastructure services /data 20G 8G 2 1
NFS Server

/appc_data 50G

(Separate Volume raid10 recommended for production usage)

2G 1 0 (can be combined with mongoDB node)
Arrow apps /data 20G 8G 2+ 1

With the release of 1.6.0.sp1, production deployment requires three (3) dedicated Docker swarm manager nodes.


Software requirements

Operating System on target hosts

  • Redhat 7
  • CentOS 7

Required client machine software that performs installation

You need to run the deploy command from a Linux or Mac machine running Docker 1.13.0 or above.

Important: The client machine can not be any of the target hosts. Please make sure the client machine has good network access to the target hosts. Otherwise, installation might experience timeout and other random errors.

Software requirement for target hosts

When install any additional software for pre-installation (nfsutils, docker, etc.), one should flag it as always being required.


  • nfs-utils

  • docker-engine-1.13.0 or greater

  • nc (for port check)
  • lsof (for port check)

The client machine can run Linux, Mac or Windows 10 with docker 1.13.0 or greater.

With the installation of Redhat 7 or Centos 7, you can provide your own username and password as long as all the VMs in the cluster use the same username and password.


All binaries, capacity planning and installation guides, Docker images, and other installation files can found here on Axway Support. Note: Once you have signed into the support login page, you'll need to select Downloads, Appcelerator Private, and your desired software version from the Quick Access. Once the selected page has loaded, select the version you are working with to see a list of the files you can download. From there, you can download the files as necessary to get your installation up and running.

Network requirements

The following internal and external ports should be open on the target hosts.

Internal ports

"5000", "7000", "30000 ~ 32767", "2376", "2377", "7946", "4789", "8082", "8300", "8301", "8500", "60001", "60002", "60003", "8032","8033", "2049", "8001", "8002", "9009"


"80", "443"

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