Runtime Installation

Service Distribution

This diagram shows a fully HA API Runtime Services/ArrowDB 1.6.0 cluster:

Development environment VMs

The minimum number of virtual machines (VMs) to deploy is three nodes for development environments. In this environment, MongoDB primary and secondary, arbiter, and NFS server run on one VM. All API Runtime Services and ArrowDB services one in another VM, and all user Arrow applications runs in the third VM.

Production environment VMs

The minimum number of VMs for a high availability production environment is eight nodes. This environment includes three VMs for MongoDB, one VM for NFS server, two VMs for infrastructure, and two VMs to run Arrow applications. This is the recommended production deployment. For each production Arrow application, we recommend that it runs on a minimum of two containers in API Runtime Services. For example, if there are two Arrow application VMs, the two containers should be distributed on different physical servers to ensure high availability. If a cluster has more than seven nodes, the extra nodes are used to run Arrow applications.

Installation troubleshooting

To troubleshoot your API Runtime Services installation, refer to Appcelerator CLI Troubleshooting. To submit a JIRA ticker, follow the instructions for submitting a bug. When submitting a JIRA ticket, provide a stack trace and a list of Appcelerator CLI versions you are using per the instructions for submitting a bug.

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