Running the Deploy Tool

API Runtime Services 1.6.0 Deploy Tool

The first step in setting up for deployment is to download the API Runtime Services deployment tool:

Obtaining the deploy tool

  1. The deploy tool is available for download on the Axway support site.
  2. The deploy tool is downloadable for one of the following 3 operating systems - 
    1. Appcelerator_Private_1.6.0_Install_macOS_BN20170413.bin

    2. Appcelerator_Private_1.6.0_Install_linux-x86-64_BN20170413.bin

    3. Appcelerator_Private_1.6.0_Install_win-x86-64_BN20170413.exe

Run deploy tool

Execute the following command from your client machine using the user_input.json file you prepared: arrowcluster deploy -c user_input.json

If it fails with a precheck error, it may be due to the hosts don't meet disk size requirement. For testing purposes, you can use --ignore_precheck_error to bypass the error. The --ignore_precheck_error flag should only be used on disk size error: arrowcluster deploy -c user_input.json --ignore_precheck_error

If successful, you will get following messages. From here, please follow the on screen instructions to configure your DNS. Alternatively, you can update your /etc/hosts file for testing purpose.

INFO[2017-02-21 11:51:18] Mark deploy done...                         
INFO[2017-02-21 11:51:21] Arrowcloud services deployed                
Please create the following Record Sets in the domain management console:
Username: admin@dashboard.local
Password: x54zAauXzCc7
Name: *
INFO[2017-02-21 11:51:22] Run docker container to ping check swarm manager ...
INFO[2017-02-21 11:51:22] Swarm manager ip is:          
INFO[2017-02-21 11:51:23] Run docker container to start postcheck ... 
INFO[2017-02-21 11:51:25] Done running postcheck.

For example, in your /etc/hosts file, you can configure like this:

# /etc/hosts (Arrowcloud admin host) (Dashboard) (ArrowDB) (Internal docker registry) (Internal Docker registry authentication server)

You're now ready to publish Arrow apps to your cluster.

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