Arrow Builder 1.2.48 Release Note

Arrow Builder 1.2.48 - 09 September 2015

Arrow Builder 1.2.48 is a minor release that includes new features, improvements and bug fixes. 

New Features and Improvements

  • Add ability to customize the styling of the API Docs page. For details, see the ArrowWeb tab in the Admin console and API Builder Developer Guide.
  • Hide overridden APIs in the API Docs page.
  • Map missing methods, such as cookie, vary, etc. to the common Express method in the response object.
  • Implement new LDAP plugin for Arrow client authentication. For details, see Arrow Authentication Schemes: LDAP.
  • Improve support of loading and overriding configuration from the environment. Prefix environment variables with ARROW_ to override the value from the configuration file. For example, if you have apikey defined in the configuration file, you can override the value with the environment variable ARROW_APIKEY.
  • Add default health-check API endpoint arrowPing.json.
  • Add ability to hide APIs in the API Docs. To hide documentation, set the documented property to false for Connectors, Models, APIs or Blocks.
  • Exposed the connectionTimeout property in the MSSQL connector.
  • Add ability to specify the models to generate from a connector. In the connector's configuration file, set the generateModels key to an array of model names you want to include.
  • Exposed the schemaRefresh property in the SalesForce connector and added a If-Modified-Since check to update the schema only when needed.
  • Print out application version in Arrow console log during startup.
  • New guided development flow for creating an Arrow Connector.
  • Improved server start time by skipping appc install when possible.

Fixed Issues

  • API-580: Model Data View: Tabular data layout scrolls, but Table header doesn't follow it
  • API-655: Generated API Docs source has to be manually deleted to be refreshed
  • API-738: Marketplace formatting is not right
  • API-750: actions: ['read'] set on a model still creates a PUT API endpoint
  • API-752: Multiple Instances of one connector overwrite generated models
  • API-809: Setting model actions to read includes write API
  • API-825: Unable to set 201 response with object location in custom API
  • API-837: Blocks after{Action} and after are mutually exclusive
  • API-861: Investigate if there is memory leak with registry server
  • API-896: In the Arrow admin page, modelAutogen is documented incorrectly
  • API-905: Error using two different databases with alias
  • API-910: ArrowDB: Session Collisions in Connector
  • API-927: Process signal events for shutdown aren't correctly being handled
  • API-928: Publishing with multiple servers with the same name doesn't properly pass the correct org
  • API-931: Arrow: NO show() API for ACLs
  • API-934: Creating a new model in console does not reload properly so i cannot test the API without restarting the server
  • API-949: Regression: API code examples are not laying out properly
  • API-950: Regression: Performance Log Tab now showing all the data correctly
  • API-954: Data Editor: Updating a field that is type Number results in a return type of String
  • API-956: Memory leak detected related to handling HTTP requests
  • API-960: Regression: performance log view is missing last server step
  • API-963: In preproduction, cannot create an Arrow project
  • API-966: Regression on import arrow app
  • API-968: If you update a model while your Arrow app is running locally, then the local Arrow app will not restart itself
  • API-971: After unpublish, if you try and republish, you get an error
  • API-972: Regression: hitting /api/testapi from API Doc causes exception
  • API-978: In production, cannot publish an Arrow app with 4.1.1 stack
  • API-982: If you make any API requests, then no activity will appear in the Logs tab
  • API-987: If you create a different connector alias in default.js, different errors are returned for 4.1.X stack and 5.0.0 stack

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