Arrow Builder 1.10.1 Release Note

Arrow Builder 1.10.1 - 13 December 2016

Arrow Builder 1.10.1 is a minor release that includes one new improvement and two bug fixes.

The new API Builder UI offers the following improvements over the legacy Builder functionality:

  • Refresh of UI with latest Axway brand styling
  • Improved UX for Model lifecycle management
  • Enhanced Model Builder for creation and composition of new models
  • Improved Configuration Management across deployment environments
  • Streamlined filtering of API logs, advanced filters, and pagination on Logs View
  • Intuitive look and feel for API Test & Docs view
  • Internationalization ready UI


  • API-1385 - Warn if a user is running locally with a different version of node than will be run in production
    • Added warnings if the developer is running a different version of node locally that the one in production

Fixed issues

  • API-1404 - Unable to use APIKey in SDK
  • API-1405 - Replace or port appc-ldapauth

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