Arrow Builder 0.4.3 Release Note

Arrow Builder 0.4.3 - 11 June 2015

Arrow Builder 0.4.3 is a patch release, addressing high-priority issues from previous releases.

New Feature

Add ability to return response results in a specific format by adding the format extension as a suffix to the response. Supported extensions are jsonxmlcsvyamlymltxt and js. For example, if the API call is the the /api/foo path, to retrieve results as XML, use /api/foo.xml.

Fixed Issues

  • API-455: Model: Query - Specified order of data is not correctly returned
  • API-785: Azure connector causes crash on start-up when wiring up Models
  • API-831: Arrow apps in VPCs always use the public ACS environment
  • API-832: Arrow apps in VPCs created with a default user named "undefined"

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