API Runtime Configuration

By default, each project includes a configuration file, in JSON format, called appc.json located in the project's top-level folder. The settings in the file tell the Appcelerator CLI and API Runtime Services the nature of the project, which components are required by the project, and any special deployment settings.

appc.json  Expand source
  "type": "api",
  "group": "arrow",
  "dependencies": {
    "connector/appc.arrowdb": "*",
    "connector/appc.composite": "*"
  "cloud": {
    "container": "Dev",
    "minimum": 1,
    "maximum": 1,
    "maxqueuesize": 50,
    "environment": {},
    "cname": null,
    "certificate": null


The cloud object contains key-value pairs to configure API Runtime Services deployment settings. Instead of running a sequence of appc cloud commands, define the following keys: 

certificate Specify the path to the custom SSL certificate to use for HTTPS requests.
container Sets the container size to use. Value can either be DevSmallMediumLarge or Xlarge. The default value is Medium. The use of small containers should be avoided. For optimum memory performance, use medium or higher size containers.
domain Set domain binding for the application to the specified domain name. A domain record must exist for the specified domain name, pointing to the application's cloud.appcelerator.com URL. Do not specify the protocol, that is, do not add http:// or https://, when setting this parameter.
domainPath Specifies a URL path for routing. Use this parameter when setting more than one application to the same domain name. You must also set the domain key.
environment An object containing key-value pairs of environment variables to set for the application, where the key is the variable name and the value is the value to set.
maximum Sets the maximum number of server containers that can be used when scaling the application. The default value is 1.
maxqueuesize Sets the maximum number of queued requests for autoscaling to occur. API Runtime Services will increase the number of containers if the queue is too high for at least one minute. The default value is 50.
minimum Sets the minimum number of server containers to use. The default value is 1.


The dependencies object contains key-value pairs of components required by the project. The key is the name of the component and the value is the version of the component. By default, API Builder automatically adds the dependencies. You should not need to change the value unless you are removing a component from the project.


The type key is the project type. Values can be apiblockconnector, or model. By default, API Builder sets this property when you generate a new project. You should not need to change the value. 

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