API Builder Connectors

API Builder 3.x is deprecated


Support for API Builder 3.x ceased on 30 April 2020. Use the v3 to v4 upgrade guide to migrate all your applications to API Builder 4.x.

Contact support@axway.com if you require migration assistance.

Connectors are adapters to allow you to read and write data to and from an external data source, such as  Mobile Backend Services, MySQL, Salesforce, and MongoDB, or in server memory. You can install a pre-built connector or create your own.

The following API Builder model-first connectors are offered on the Axway Marketplace: ArrowDB, Box.com, CompositeJS, Elastic Search, Google Custom Search, HL7 FHIR Swagger Docs, LokiJS, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, MySQL, OData, Oracle Database, Redis, Salesforce, SOAP, Swagger, and Twilio.

Beginning with API Builder 3.0.0 (Included in CLI 7.0.0), the following new API Builder service connectors are offered on the Axway Marketplace: Amazon S3™, Concur™, Eloqua™, Facebook™, Google Drive™, Hubspot CRM™, Hubspot™, Mailchimp™, Marketo™, Microsoft Dynamics™, Netsuite™, OneDrive™, Pardot™, Salesforce Service Cloud™, Service Now™, SharePoint Native™, SugarCRM™, Twitter™, Zendesk™, and Zoho™.

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