MBS Connector

The Axway Mobile Backend Services (MBS) connector is a plugin for API Builder that can connect to an MBS instance on the Axway platform that you can use to store your Model data. The Models can be used programmatically or can be used within the flow editor to interact with your MBS instance.

Minimum requirements

The following are the supported versions and features and the approximate memory and disk space requirements.

Supported Versions


  • Approximately 2 MB

Disk space

  • Approximately 8 MB

Supported features

  • Persistent storage in Axway's MBS
  • Full CRUD operations on custom objects via Models


To install the MBS connector, execute the following command:

npm install --no-optional @axway/api-builder-plugin-dc-mbs

A configuration file is generated for you and placed into the /conf  directory of your API Builder project.


Once the plugin is installed, the configuration file is located in <project>/conf/mbs.default.js.

Option name Type Description Required
connector string Must be set to  @axway/api-builder-plugin-dc-mbs Yes
username string The user with which to connect to MBS. Yes
password string The user's password with which to connect to MBS. Yes
key string The MBS instance App Key. Yes
baseurl string
The location where MBS is hosted. Defaults to Amplify Platform Production.
pingInterval number
The time in ms to ping MBS to keep the current session alive. Defaults to once a day. Set to -1 to disable.

Provisioning an MBS database in the AMPLIFY Platform

  1. Follow this guide to provision an MBS database and get a username, password, and app key.
  2. From within an API Builder 4.x project, install the connector:

    $ npm install --no-optional @axway/api-builder-plugin-dc-mbs

    After the successful installation of the connector, a mbs.default.js configuration file will be automatically created in your project's /conf directory.

After the successful installation of the connector, a configuration file 'mbs.default.js' will be automatically created in your project's conf directory.

We recommend providing the app key, username, and password as environment variables.  `MBS_KEY``MBS_USER`, and  `MBS_PASSWORD` are the default environment variables used to configure this connector. See   Environmentalization for more information.

After configuring the connector, you can start the service as normal.


After you configure the connector, you can start up your API Builder project and visit the console (normally found under http://localhost:8080/console). Your MBS custom object collections will be listed on the Models tab of the console. However, initially, you will not have any Models from MBS.

Create a Model for MBS

Go to the Models tab and click the + Model button:

In the New Model dialog, change the Connector to "mbs".  This indicates that data for this model will be persisted in MBS.

Refer to the documentation for more information about creating Models.

Known issues and limitations

For a list of known issues and limitations, refer to the API Builder Release Notes.

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