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This release includes:


Before updating, we recommend deleting package-lock.json if it exists.

To update an existing API Builder application, execute the following command from within the application directory:

npm update


  • #6493: Added a new tab to the Admin UI: Flows. This tab shows all the Flows which are part of an API Builder application, as well as their flow-triggers, including those which are invoked by Endpoints. This tab is in a preview state currently and subject to change.

  • #6494: Added Event, a new flow-node and pluggable flow-trigger that enables producing and consuming Events @axway/api-builder-plugin-ft-event.

  • #6510: Added two new features to the APIBuilder programmatic interface to allow a shutdown to be triggered via an event ("shutdown"), and also to allow the system to be marked as unstable/unavailable via an event ("system-unavailable", "message"). After receiving the "system-unavailable" event, the healthcheck API (/apibuilderPing.json) will return success: false, allowing for external monitoring systems (just as Docker or Kubernetes) to detect that the system is unhealthy.

  • #6515: Previously, API Endpoints always returned the HTTP response with the Content-Type header set to "application/json" and always JSON encoded the response body. Now, the Content-Type header can be overridden in the flow editor using the HTTP Response flow-node and setting a custom header value in Headers, or when not set, it will use the type of body to choose an appropriate Content-Type. If the body is a Buffer, the Content-Type is "application/octet-stream". If the body is a string or number, the Content-Type is "text/plain". If the body is an Object, then the Content-Type is "application/json". See deprecation [D042].


  • #5617: Previously, long responses would cause the debugger in the Flow Editor to expand wider than the browser width, resulting in a lot of horizontal scrolling and potentially losing track of the Flow graph. Now, the debugger only will resize to the available screen space.

  • #6407: Previously, a newly scaffolded API Builder app was coming with "timeout" set in app config to 120000ms (2 minutes) and "start-period" parameter of the Docker HEALTHCHECK set to 10 seconds. Now, the "timeout" is set to 90000ms and the "start-period" parameter is set to 45 seconds.

  • #6506: Previously, API Builder could crash on startup with the error "Error: no schema with key or ref" due to a missing dependency on ajv. Now, API Builder will no longer crash with this error.


These are the deprecations introduced in this release. Click here for a list of all deprecations.
  • [D042] enableOverrideEndpointContentType: API Endpoints will no longer return the Content-Type "application/json" in all cases, the Content-Type will either be explicitly set the Content-Type from within a Flow, or set according to the type of response body. See Change in the way Endpoints return Content-Type.

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Known Issues

To see a list of up-to-date known-issues see API Builder Known Issues.

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