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API Builder - Zagreb


This release includes:


Before updating, we recommend deleting package-lock.json if it exists.

To update an existing API Builder application, execute the following command from within the application directory:

npm update


  • #6500: Specifying the 'model' property on a custom API is now taken into account for defining the output model/schema in the generated API doc. See deprecation [D044].

  • #6587: Trigger names now can be edited and saved from the flow editor.


  • #6591: Previously, the Data parameter in the Mustache flow-node's Format string method had a default type of string, but this value made the most sense to be provided as a selector. Now, it will default to the selector type.

  • #6595: Fixed regression in the Flow editor where flow-nodes with lots of outputs would not grow in width, leaving the outputs disconnected.


These are the deprecations introduced in this release. Click here for a list of all deprecations.
  • [D044] API.response: response property on the custom API is deprecated in favor of the model property. The model property serves the same purpose in that the named model is used to describe the response schema in the generated API Swagger documentation.

Updated modules

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Known Issues

To see a list of up-to-date known-issues see API Builder Known Issues.

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