API Builder Node.js support policy

Recommended v12.16.0 or greater
Minimum v8.9.0

Node.js releases

New semver-major releases of Node.js are released every six months. In coordination with a new odd-numbered major release being cut, the previous even-numbered major version will transition to the Long Term Support plan. An odd-numbered major release will cease to be actively updated when the subsequent even-numbered major release is cut.

See https://github.com/nodejs/Release#release-plan for more information.

Node.js support

API Builder v4 was initially released with compatibility with Node.js v8.9.0. This compatibility will be maintained in every API Builder v4.x release to avoid breaking existing services.

When Node.js releases are no longer supported, they become vulnerable to current or future security issues since they will not get updated. Beginning with the Jackson release, API Builder no longer recommends the use of any Node.js version which is unmaintained or end of life. Updated services will emit a warning if they are using an unsupported version of Node.js.

Additionally, API Builder will strive to introduce compatibility in a timely manner for new releases of Node.js.

While compatibility is guaranteed, API Builder may deprecate the use of any version of Node.js at any point in order to offer a seamless transition to a future major version.

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