API Builder - 6 November 2020

API Builder - Agra


This release includes:


Before updating, we recommend deleting package-lock.json if it exists.

To update an existing API Builder application, execute the following command from within the application directory:

npm update


  • #6583: Previously, the Flows tab was listing a combination of Flow and Flow-Trigger information, which was resulting in flows being listed multiple times for each way they are triggered. Now, the Flows tab lists only a single Flow and the types of triggers that invoke it are represented as labels on that entry.


  • #5911: Previously, the 401 responses in the generated Swagger API docs were referring to the ErrorModel definition which didn't describe the response from the server correctly. Additionally, Endpoints didn't have documentation for 401 responses handled by the API builder security. Now, the schema for 401 responses has been replaced with a new UnauthorizedError definition which describes the actual response, and 401 response definitions have been added to Endpoint responses.

  • #6590: Previously, flow-trigger and channel parameters failed to validate correctly when using JSONPath selectors to $.env or $.config. Now, API Builder validates their resolved values correctly.

  • #6606: Previously, API Builder was using a old version of swagger-tools that was using an insecure version of lodash (CVE-2019-10744). Now, API Builder uses a forked version of swagger-tools (@axway/swagger-tools) with upgraded dependencies, and fixes a number of security issues while also reducing the disk footprint of API Builder by roughly 10MB.

  • #6614: Previously, when loading flow-triggers, the trigger and channel parameters were not correctly validated. Additionally, a message "meta-schema is not available" may be printed to the console. Now, the channel and trigger parameters are validated correctly and the message has been removed.

  • #6619: Intercom bubble has been removed from the UI. To raise issues, you can contact us at support.axway.com.

  • #6622: Previously, editing a trigger name on the flow editor could cause an error in the console and the editor to render empty. Now, editing a trigger name will wait for all triggers to finish loading before trying to render the flow editor.

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To see a list of up-to-date known-issues see API Builder Known Issues.

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