Updates and revisions

This guide includes the following documentation changes.

Changes in version 7.6.2

  • Added information on API host whitelisting. For details, see Add trusted OAuth hosts.
  • Added information on installing, uninstalling, and upgrading API Portal in unattended or silent mode. For details, see Unattended installation and Unattended upgrade.
  • Added information on how to restore footer customizations after upgrade. For details, see Upgrade API Portal.
  • Updated and added information on installing and upgrading API Portal for HA in single and multi-datacenter environments. For details, see Configure API Portal for HA in single datacenter and Configure API Portal multi-datacenter deployment.
  • Restructured and updated the information on running API Portal in Docker containers. For more information, see Run API Portal in Docker containers.
  • Updated the information on upgrading API Portal in Docker containers. For more information, see Upgrade API Portal in Docker containers.
  • Added information on encrypting the public API user password. You can do this during API Portal software installation, after starting the API Portal Docker container, or after upgrading.
  • Updated the guide to clarify that upgrade is supported from API Portal 7.5.5 only, and that this version is compatible with API Gateway and API Manager 7.6.2 only.
  • Updated the prerequisites sections for software installation and Docker containers to clarify that API Gateway Analytics and a metrics database are required if you want to monitor API and application usage in API Portal.
  • Removed information on virtual appliance as this form factor is not available in this version.
  • Added information on protecting API Portal from unlimited failed login attempts. For details, see Limit the number of API Portal failed login attempts.
  • Added information on OAuth whitelisting. For details, see Add trusted OAuth hosts.
  • Moved the information on connecting API Portal to API Manager, and securing API Portal to a new post-installation section. For more details, see Post-installation.

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