API Management versions 7.5.X and 7.6.X have reached end of support in November 2020.
Check out the latest version of the documentation.

Updates and revisions

This guide includes the following documentation changes.

Changes in version 7.6.2

  • Added a new topic that describes how to install API Portal dependencies (such as PHP, Apache) yourself, instead of having them installed by the API Portal installation script. For details, see Install API Portal without dependencies.
  • Added information on API host whitelisting. For details, see Add trusted OAuth hosts.
  • Added information on installing, uninstalling, and upgrading API Portal in unattended or silent mode. For details, see Unattended installation and Unattended upgrade.
  • Added information on how to restore footer customizations after upgrade. For details, see Upgrade API Portal.
  • Updated and added information on installing and upgrading API Portal for HA in single and multi-datacenter environments. For details, see Configure API Portal for HA in single datacenter and Configure API Portal multi-datacenter deployment.
  • Restructured and updated the information on running API Portal in Docker containers. For more information, see Run API Portal in Docker containers.
  • Updated the information on upgrading API Portal in Docker containers. For more information, see Upgrade API Portal in Docker containers.
  • Added information on encrypting the public API user password. You can do this during API Portal software installation, after starting the API Portal Docker container, or after upgrading.
  • Updated the guide to clarify that upgrade is supported from API Portal 7.5.5 only, and that this version is compatible with API Gateway and API Manager 7.6.2 only.
  • Updated the prerequisites sections for software installation and Docker containers to clarify that API Gateway Analytics and a metrics database are required if you want to monitor API and application usage in API Portal.
  • Removed information on virtual appliance as this form factor is not available in this version.
  • Added information on protecting API Portal from unlimited failed login attempts. For details, see Limit the number of API Portal failed login attempts.
  • Added information on OAuth whitelisting. For details, see Add trusted OAuth hosts.
  • Moved the information on connecting API Portal to API Manager, and securing API Portal to a new post-installation section. For more details, see Post-installation.

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