API Management versions 7.5.X and 7.6.X have reached end of support in November 2020.
Check out the latest version of the documentation.

Configure Public API


Public API relies on how API Catalog and organizations are configured in API Manager

This section describes how to enable the API Portal Public API in API Manager and Joomla! Administrator Interface (JAI).

Configure exposing APIs and applications in API Manager

For Public API access, you must create a separate organization with a default user, and expose back-end APIs and applications to that organization.

  1. In API Manager, add a new organization called, for example, Public API Org.
  2. Add a user account for Public API access. Ensure that you do the following:
    • Enable the user.
    • Set Organization to the Public API organization you created (Public API Org)
    • Set Role to User.

    The rest of the mandatory values must be set, but the exact values are not important.

  3. Select Change password, and set the password for the default user.
  4. Tip   Make a note of the login name and password you configure for the Public API user. You will need them later when configuring the Public API access in JAI.
  5. To expose APIs in Public API, go to Frontend API, select the APIs you want to expose (they must be in Published state), click Managed selected > Grant access, set Grant API access to The following organizations, and add and select your Public API organization.
  6. Tip   You can import two versions of a back-end API: one that contains only non-business critical information and is exposed in Public API, and a full version which is not exposed without a user login.
  7. To expose applications in Public API, go to Clients > Applications, ensure that the organization of the applications is set to your Public API organization and the application has access to the required APIs, then share the application with the Public API user you created. It is recommended to only provide rights to view the application.

Enable Public API in API Portal

Public API is disabled by default. You must enable it in JAI, and add the login details of the Public API user account you created in API Manager.

  1. Log in to JAI, and go to Components > API Portal > Public API.
  2. Switch Enable Public API to Yes.
  3. In Public API Account Login, enter the login name of the Public API user account you created.
  4. In Public API Account Password, enter the password of the Public API user account you created, and click Save.

Verify that Public API is enabled

If Public API is enabled, when you log in to API Portal you should see the list of APIs that you have exposed for Public API in API Manager

Hide applications in Public API

You can hide the Applications page from the main menu when Public API is enabled.

  1. In JAI, go to Components > API Portal > Public API.
  2. Switch Make Application Menu Entry Public to No.
  3. Click Save.

Disable testing API methods in Public API

To disable the Try it functionality in Public API, follow these steps:

  1. In JAI, click Menu(s) > Main Menu.
  2. Select APIs.
  3. On the API Catalog tab, set Show inline Try-it to Yes only to authenticated users, and click Save.

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