Customize API Portal user registration

You can customize your sign up functionality by enabling reCaptcha, or you can configure API Portal with SMTP to enable sending user registration emails.

Add reCaptcha to sign up

reCaptcha is a free service you can add to the API Portal sign up page to prevent spam and abuse. The reCaptcha plugin is available in Joomla!.

Note   You must have a Google user name and password to add reCaptcha. For more details, see reCaptcha documentation.
  1. Go to the reCaptcha admin page.
  2. Give a label for your site (such as API Portal) label, enter the API Portal domain (here localhost.localdomain) in the Domains field, and select Register.
  3. reCaptcha screen with register a new site with lable and domains displayed

  4. Select the domain, and review how to add the reCaptcha:

    reCaptcha screen that display how to add reCAPTCHA to the API Portal
  5. Log in to the Joomla! Administrator Interface (JAI) (https://<API Portal_host>/administrator).
  6. Select Extensions > Plugins.
  7. Click Captcha - ReCaptcha.
  8. Enter the respective reCaptcha keys to the Site key and Secret key fields.
  9. Set the Status of the plugin to Enabled, and click Save & Close.
  10. Click System > Global Configuration > Users.
  11. On the User Options tab, set the Captcha field to Captcha - ReCaptcha, and click Save & Close.

To verify the change, go to API Portal home page, and click Sign In > Sign up. The reCaptcha functionality is displayed on the sign up page.

  1. API Portal sign up page, captcha is displayed

Configure API Portal with SMTP

To send emails from API Portal (for example, for user registration or email validation), you must configure an SMTP server in API Manager. For more details, see Configure API Manager settings in Policy Studio in the API Manager User Guide.

Customize user registration emails

You can customize the emails that are sent to API Portal users on sign up. All API Portal user emails are sent from API Manager, so to customize them follow the instructions in Customize API Manager generated email in the API Manager User Guide.

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