Group APIs with tags

You can add tags to APIs in API Manager and use them to split you API Catalog into smaller subsets. For example, you can create multiple themed API groups based on your developer communities.

For more details on adding tags to APIs, see the API Manager User Guide.

To create a dedicated API Catalog for a subset of tagged APIs, do the following:

  1. Log in to Joomla! Administrator Interface (JAI).
  2. Click Menus > Main Menu > Add New Menu Item.
  3. Enter a menu title for the new API Catalog.
  4. In Menu Item Type, click Select > API Portal > API Catalog Page.
  5. Set Access to the level you want, and ensure that Status is set to Published.
  6. In Ordering, select where in the main menu the new API Catalog appears. The menu item is placed after the item you select here.
  7. Tip   To access all your API Catalogs under the APIs menu item rather than additional menu items, set Parent Item to APIs.
  8. On the API Catalog tab, in the Only list APIs with tag, enter the tags to include in this API Catalog.
  9. On the Page Display tab, change the page title and summary text if you want. For more details, see Customize the API Catalog page title or summary.
  10. Click Save & Close.

Your themed API Catalog is now ready, and you can see it in your API Portal.

You can also choose to use some tags as an internal tool, and hide them from the API consumers. To hide tags, On the API Catalog tab, in Hide tags, enter the tags to hide.

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