Enable SSO in API Portal

After configuring service-provider-apiportal.xml and the single sign-on (SSO) connection in Policy Studio, you must enable SSO in API Portal.

  1. Log in to the Joomla! Admin Interface (JAI).
  2. Click Components > API Portal > SSO settings.
  3. Switch Enable SSO Login to Yes.
  4. In SSO Client Entity ID, enter the entityId you defined for API Portal in service-provider-apiportal.xml, and click Save.

Change API Portal SSO login path

You can modify the URL users must use to log in to API Portal using SSO in JAI.

The default SSO login URL is https://<FQDN>:<port>/sso, where <FQDN> is the fully qualified domain name of the machine running API Portal, and <port> is the API Portal listening port. You can change what comes after the port.

  1. In JAI, click Components > API Portal > SSO settings.
  2. In SSO Path, replace the default value /sso with the path you want.
  3. Click Save.

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