API Portal overview

Axway API Portal is a self-service developer portal layered on both API Manager and API Gateway.

As an application developer, you can use API Portal to browse, consume, build, and test APIs for use in your applications. In addition, API Portal offers several channels, such as FAQs, forums or blogs, that you can use to find out more information.

API Portal is part of the Axway API Management Plus solution. For more details, see API Management Plus Getting Started Guide.

Diagram illustrating the API Management concepts in API Portal

Key capabilities in API Portal

API Portal provides the following capabilities for both internal and external application developers:

  • Self-registration and profile management — Application developers can self-register and manage their profiles.
  • Browsing and testing APIs in API CatalogAPI Catalog contains the APIs that have been registered in API Manager and are available for use. Application developers can browse these APIs and their associated documentation, and invoke APIs using the built-in test capability.
  • Creating and managing applications — Application developers can register their applications that use the APIs, and obtain API Key or OAuth or external credentials for their applications.
  • Monitoring API usage — Application developers can register their application's use of APIs through graphical real-time charts. This feature requires API Gateway Analytics, because the metrics data is sourced from there.
  • Blog and discussion forumsAPI Portal includes blog and discussion forum Joomla! plugins from a third-party vendor, http://stackideas.com. For more information, refer to:

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