Manage API Portal users and applications

The API administrator can assign an API Portal user to an organization administrator role in API Manager. Organization administrators are able to manage other API Portal users belonging to their organization.

Organization administrators can also manage (for example, enable, disable, or delete) all applications belonging to their organization the same way the application owners can.

The organization administrator has an additional menu item, Users, in the API Portal menu.

Add or edit a user

Organization administrators can add new API Portal users to their organization. They can also edit or remove the users.

  1. To create a new user, click Create user, fill in the details, and click Save user.
  2. To edit the details of a user, click the user profile, edit the details you want, and click Save changes.

Enable, disable, or delete users

Organization administrators can control the user profiles in their organization. By default, a user profile is enabled when it is created.

  1. To temporarily prevent one or more users from accessing API Portal, select the user profiles you want, and click Disable.
  2. To enable disabled user profiles, select the user profiles you want, and click Enable.
  3. To permanently remove one or more user profiles from API Portal, select the user profiles you want, and click Delete.

Change or reset a password

Organization administrators can change or reset a password for an user who has, for example, forgotten the password.

  1. Click the user profile you want.
  2. To change the password, click Change password, fill in the new password, and click Change password.
  3. To reset the password, click Reset password.

Change the user roles

Organization administrators can change the user roles of the user belonging to their organization to, for example, promote others as organization administrators.

  1. Click the user you want to promote.
  2. Set Role to Organization Administrator.

Manage application permissions

Organization administrators can control the application permissions that users in their organization have. In effect, they can share applications with these users.

  1. Click the user profile you want.
  2. Under Application permissions, click Add applications.
  3. Select the applications you want to share with the user, and click Apply.
  4. By default, the user can only view shared apps. To change the permissions for an application, toggle the View and Edit buttons next to the application as needed.
  5. To remove a user's access to an application, click Remove next to the application.

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