Explore public API Portal

If your API provider has exposed API Portal for public access, you can explore some sections of API Portal without creating a user account or signing in. Simply click on the Explore button on the API Portal landing page.

The user experience in public API Portal is different than when signed in:

  • On the API Portal landing page, the Sign In button is replaced with an Explore button that goes to API Catalog.
  • The items in the main navigation menu have the following changes:
    • API Catalog displays only the APIs and methods configured to be exposed in Public API, but is available normally.
    • The Applications page is available as read-only, and the Usage tab is disabled.
    • The Monitoring and Users pages are unavailable.
  • The user profile information is unavailable.

If you do not see the Explore button, your API provider has not enabled this feature, and you must sign in to access API Portal.

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