About this guide

This guide describes the tasks and activities that you as a client application developer perform when using API Portal to browse and consume APIs.

Who should read this guide

The intended audience for this guide includes:

  • Application developers. As the actual end users of API Portal, application developers use the APIs listed in API Portal to develop applications.
  • Architects wanting an overview of product capabilities.

How to use this guide

This guide should be used in conjunction with the other guides in the API Portal documentation set.

Before you begin, review this guide thoroughly.

The following is a brief description of the contents of each section:

  • API Portal overview – Provides an overview of API Portal and the key capabilities it offers for developers.
  • User profile – Describes how to create a user profile for API Portal and sign in, and how to manage user profiles.
  • API Catalog – Describes how to use API Catalog.
  • Applications – Describes how to create and manage application in API Portal.
  • Additional features – Describes how to use Documentation, Help Center, Monitoring, Pricing, and Blog tabs.

Third-party products and browsers

API Portal has the following requirements for third-party products and browsers:

  • Browser support, as described in the Joomla! documentation.
  • The testing APIs in API Catalog requires a browser with HTML5 support.

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