Additional features

The API provider can use the following API Portal pages to provide you additional support and other information:

The available options and content may vary depending on your API provider.

Help Center

Help Center gathers together the API Portal sections that the API provider can use to offer additional information. Help Center provides a central point for links to, for example, FAQs, documentation, discussion forums, or further contact information.

API Portal Help Center landing page

Discussion forums

The discussion forums in API Portal offers a place to share information and interact with the developer community. To go to the forums, click Help Center > Discussion Forums.


The API provider may offer additional documentation on, for example, the APIs exposed in the API Portal, terms and conditions for their use, or best practices. The content can include PDF documents, images, and videos.

Note   The Documentation page is about the content in API Portal. By default, the API Portal User Guide is not included on this page.


The API provider may provide specific pricing information relating to their APIs, products, and services.


The API provider may provide blog posts on topics of interest relating to the API Portal and APIs. You can filter the blog posts based on categories, bloggers, or tags.

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