API Management Versions 7.5.X And 7.6.X Reached End Of Support In November 2020. Please Contact Axway Support To Discuss Which Options Are Available To You.

What's new in documentation

This topic describes the documentation changes in this release.

API Portal

API Portal Installation and Upgrade Guide

  • Added the instructions on how to configure Joomla! database name and ports when installing a new API Portal software installation or upgrading an existing installation.
  • Clarified the upgrade instructions.
  • Added instructions onhow to limit the number of login attempts to Joomla! Administrator Interface (JAI).
  • Added how to change where API Portal log files are stored.
  • Added a note on the API Gateway license with Docker images.

API Portal Administrator Guide

  • Added a new section on how the Public API feature enables exposing non-business critical content without requiring a login.
  • Added a new section on how to customize API Catalog view and functionalities.

API Portal User Guide

  • Added how to explore some sections of API Portal without signing in when Public API is enabled.

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