Run a Docker container using the API Portal Docker image

This topic describes how to use the ready-made API Portal Docker image to run in Docker containers. The image is ready out-of-the-box, so you do not have to build it using the Docker files.

Axway does not provide a ready-made Docker image for MySQL. You must have the MySQL Docker container running before you can load the ready-made API Portal Docker image and run the Docker container. For more details on MySQL image, see the official MySQL Docker repository.

Note   The ready-made API Portal Docker image is strictly for development environments only, and is not recommended for use in production environments. Use the Docker files to generate the images and run the Docker containers for production environments. For more details, see Deploy API Portal to a Docker container.


The following components are required on your system before running API Portal to Docker containers:

  • Docker version 1.13.x
  • a MySQL Docker
  • APIPortal_7.5.4_Docker_Image_linux-x86-64_<build number>.tar.gz package
  • API Gateway and API Manager either installed on-premise or deployed in containers, see API Gateway Installation Guide for more details
Note   Running Docker images requires an API Gateway license that is not tied to a hostname. For more details, contact your Axway Account Manager.

The following are the recommended hardware disk space and memory for a single node sample architecture:

  • 100 GB or more disk space
  • 8 GB or more RAM

Run a Docker container using the image

  1. Download APIPortal_7.5.4_Docker_Image_linux-x86-64_<build number>.tar.gz from Axway Support at
  2. Upload the file to your Docker host machine.
  3. Enter the following to load the image:
  4. $ docker load -i APIPortal_7.5.4_Docker_Image_linux-x86-64_<build number>.tar.gz
  5. Run the Docker container normally, see Build the API Portal image and container.

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