Install service packs

Service packs provide important security updates, fixes for known issues, and improved performance for API Portal and its components.

Service packs are provided for both software and virtual appliance installations of API Portal.

Install service packs on a virtual appliance

Service packs are available through the APIPORTAL repository on the appliance itself. The detailed installation instructions and prerequisites for each service pack are described in a Readme associated with the particular service pack. Review the Readme before you install the service pack. You can find the Readmes from Axway Support at

Install the service pack packages using the Web Administration Interface (WAI). For more details on using WAI, see the API Gateway Appliance Installation and Administration Guide.

Install service packs on a software installation

You can download the service pack and the associated Readme from Axway Support at Review the Readme for any specific installation instructions before you install the service pack.

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