Troubleshoot connectors

This topic describes problems you might encounter when configuring connectors, and provides possible solutions.

Configure a connector to route through a HTTP proxy

Problem: You need to configure an API Manager connector (for example, for to route through an outbound HTTP proxy because your company requires all access to external applications to be routed through a proxy.

Solution: Configure the API Manager connector and the imported cloud application APIs to route through a proxy.

  1. Create a file called jvm.xml in the folder INSTALL_DIR/apigateway/conf (if it does not already exist).
  2. Add the following setting:
  3. <ConfigurationFragment>
      <SystemProperty name=”apiconnector.http.proxyHost” value=YOUR_PROXY_HOST />
      <SystemProperty name=”apiconnector.http.proxyPort” value=YOUR_PROXY_PORT />
  4. Restart the API Manager-enabled API Gateway instance to enable the changes in jvm.xml to be applied.
  5. Import the cloud application APIs (for example, Salesforce APIs) in API Manager.
  6. In Policy Studio, select Environment Configuration > External Connections > Proxy Servers and create a new proxy server with the host and port details of your outbound HTTP proxy.
  7. Create a custom routing policy. Copy one of the templates under Policies > Generated Policies > REST APIs > Templates and rename the copy to Routing via Proxy.
  8. Edit the Connect to URL filter contained in the custom routing policy. Select Settings and under the Proxy section, select the proxy server you created earlier.
  9. Select Server Settings > API Manager > Routing Policies and add the custom routing policy.
  10. Deploy the new configuration to the API Manager-enabled API Gateway instance.
  11. In API Manager, change the default method routing to Routing via Proxy for the APIs that were generated using the connectors.

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