API Management versions 7.5.X and 7.6.X have reached end of support in November 2020.
Check out the latest version of the documentation.

Updates and revisions

This guide includes the following documentation changes.

Changes in 7.5.3

  • Added a new topic on configuring cloud application connectors for API Builder application APIs. This describes how to configure connectors in Policy Studio and how to import API Builder application APIs in API Manager.
  • The topic on API Manager monitoring includes an updated prerequisites section. This describes the metrics database requirements and the necessary configuration steps.
  • Screenshots have been updated to reflect the new product branding in the API Manager web console.
  • The topic on API management workflow has been updated to include RAML import.
  • The topic on registering REST APIs in API Manager has been updated to clarify that importing RAML files with references to external files is not supported.
  • The sections on rebranding the API Manager user interface have been removed from the topic on customizing API Manager
  • The topic on configuring API Manager in Policy Studio includes a new section on customizing the default API Manager routing policy for all APIs.

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