The wild west of APIs

The development of APIs, as it is currently unfolding, can be compared to the history of the American Frontier.

In the beginning

In the beginning, a few web services, scattered here and there, provide alternatives to direct queries to the database. Usage is restricted to a limited community. Footprint remains small.



New tools provide easy ways of extracting API nuggets out of the dirt of raw data.

The rush

Suddenly everyone is rushing to create and use APIs. Data from all sorts of sources become available.



The situation gets out of hand. Every data source has a corresponding API, at the same time as the number of sources explodes with IOT.

  • Duplicates abound: people don’t know what’s there, so they reinvent the wheel every time.
  • Malevolent prowlers sneak in.
  • No one knows who is using the APIs
  • When APIs are terminated or changed, it causes unexpected havoc


Now AMPLIFY API Management is introducing governance, establishing a world where growth is safe and reliable:

  • The API Catalog registers what's available, so developers can reuse efficiently.
  • Analytics show who's using what, so we know where to grow and what to prune.
  • External partners, clients, vendors... access data via APIs rather than traditional file transfer.
  • Usage is channeled by throttling and billing.

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