Use the API Portal as a developer

Log in as the new developer

Note   This topic is covered by the end of the video in the previous step. (to see that video again, click here).

Time to complete: 10 min approx. Difficulty: low. User role: IT developer.

In the welcome email for your Axway AMPLIFY API Management trial, you received two urls:

  • API Manager, for the API team, that we have been using up to now
  • a second one for the API Portal. This tool helps developers consume the APIs that have been to allotted to them. This is the one we will now connect to.
  1. Open the url for the API Portal, provided in the welcome email for your Axway AMPLIFY API Management trial.
  2. Log in as the user you just created, with the appropriate ID. The list of Applications appears.

View the App and the API

Now we see what the objects we just created in API Manager appear to our developer, in the API Portal.

  1. Click on APIs tab at the top of the page (or use the Hamburger icon with small screen or a narrow browser) .
    You may be required to select an API key from the drop-down list.
  2. In the Star Wars API, click on Test the API button

    This opens the Star Wars API as seen in the API Portal.

  3. Ensure Test tab is selected, then click on the /api/films method
  4. Click the Try it out! button
    The result is json data
  5. Click the Usage tab to view the usage statistics of the application. The curve provided is flat for the moment, as it is not developed yet, so no one can use it.
  6. Navigate to the Star Wars application: click the Applications tab in the header
  7. Scroll down to the API Keys area. The API Key is displayed directly.
  8. Click View Secret to copy the secret key in view of accessing it within code.

We now have the vision of the API from two sides: as the API manager, who makes data available to the digital ecosystem by publishing APIs, and the developer who consumes APIs to create applications for the end-users.

More information

Customizing the portal

Under the hood, the API Portal interface is based on the Joomla! Content Management System. The full version of Axway API Portal gives access to Joomla!'s thousands of extensions and templates. You can use those to:

3 types of users

API Portal is ready to serve the three main types of API consumers.


In the next section >>> we explore how to transform database tables into secure, managed APIs.

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