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Now that we have registered a few objects in API Manager, we can start managing them and sharing them with our developer community. This will be of particular interest for Dave, the API Product Manager, introduced in the previous episode of this tutorial.

The top-level object for API management is the organization. This is the object that defines access rights to a specific set of APIs. The organization provides the glue between the applications, the APIs with the data they contain, and the developers who are entitled to include the data from those APIs into those applications.

Note   Within the context of the trial, you are provided with one default organization, but you do not have access to editing it or creating new ones.

This procedure demonstrates how to create developer profiles and application objects, so that we can connect these to the APIs in our catalog

Time to complete: 10 min approx. Difficulty: low. User role: API manager or application development manager. For the corresponding video, click here.

Create an application

  1. Click Client icon > Applications tab
  2. Click New Application button
  3. Fill in the attributes as follows:
    • Application name: Star Wars app
    • Image: click to browse to the API Trial folder > starwars_app_logo.png image
    • Description: (scroll down to reach this section if necessary). Here's a snippet you can copy-paste:
      The Star Wars app gives you a full set of information an movies, people, planets, vehicules
  4. Scroll down to API Access section, click Add API, and select Star Wars and Quote of the day. The APIs are added to the list underneath
  5. Check the boxes of the APIs in the list
  6. Click Create button

Secure the application

As our Star Wars API is protected by an API Key, let's add an API key to the application.

  1. Open Authentication tab > New API Key button.
  2. You can see the new key in the API Key field along with the secret key.
  3. In the JAVASCRIPT ORIGINS field, enter *
  4. Click the Back button to save and finish the procedure.

Enroll a developer

This is where the Dave, the API Product Manager, can manage onboarding of developers working with his partners in South-East Asia (or elsewhere - inside or outside the company), without having to pester Pete every time.

  1. Click Client icon > Application Developers tab
  2. Click New user button.
  3. Enter the new developers ID (note down all the login info):
    Login name: enter an email address
    Name: enter a name
    Email: enter the same email address (you won't need to receive any mails in the context of this procedure)
  4. In the Membership field, select your new user's Role: User
  5. Click the Create button at the top
  6. Scroll down the page to reach the password area
  7. For the purpose of this demo, we will set the password manually by clicking on the Change password button and entering it directly, for example: tutorial
    In real life, we would click on the Reset password button, to automatically create a random password and sends it to the email address, giving access to the API Portal.

Assign the developer to the Star Wars application

  1. Click Client icon > Applications tab
  2. As Star Wars application is the only application, its page should open directly. If, instead, you see the list of applications, then click on Star Wars
  3. Go to the Sharing tab, then click Add User, select your user's name
  4. Check the box next to the name, then select View
  5. Click Back to return to the previous UI panel

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In the next step, we log on as Matt, our developer, into a new interface: the API Portal.

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