Register and virtualize a non-REST API

This step is similar to the previous one, and similar to most registration operations. In fact all the registration operations, from whatever source, are really easy.

Register the Quote-of-the-Day Web service

This procedure demonstrates the steps to follow to register the API Quote of the Day SOAP API. This is a public Web service you can query to retrieve random pithy quotes. The process is almost identical to the one already described in Register and virtualize a REST API - just that you type in an url instead of browsing for a file - and the methods are different.

Time to complete: 15 min approx. User role: API manager. Difficulty: low, but the result is dependent on the availability and response of an external WSDL API. For the corresponding video, click here.

Registration on the back-end

  1. In the same browser tab we used for the previous step, open API icon > Backend API tab
  2. Click New API button > select Import WSDL API
  3. In the URL field, paste the URL of the Web service named Quote of the Day , as follows:
  4. In the API name field, enter Quote of the Day
  5. Click Import button. The new Quote of the Day API appears in the list - in 2 lines, one for Quote of the Day SOAP 1.2, another for Quote of the Day SOAP 1.1 - in case the application can handle 1.1 format only.
  6. Click on the Quote of the Day SOAP 1.2 item: the description of the API appears. Explore the different tabs providing information about the back-end API: general information such as the base path URL of the API, and the list of methods. In the case of Quote of the day, there's a single method called Quote. As you would expect, this is the method that retrieves a random quote.

Virtualizing on the front-end

The API is now registered on the back-end side. We will now connect it on the front-end, just like we did with the REST API.

  1. Click the API icon > Frontend API tab
  2. Click New API button > select the New API from backend API item. The list of existing APIs appears: select Quote of the Day SOAP 1.2 and click OK
    The detailed page of the API appears. The first tab is called Inbound, it provides the resource path and allows you to define the inbound security.
    It is possible to edit the Resource path (the URL we entered previously at the back-end).
  3. In the Inbound security list, select the Pass Through item and click OK (this is the simplest option)
    For more information about securing APIs, read Secure your APIs section.
  4. To add a logo, click on the API tab: it contains an Image field. Click on the Image field, browse to the image quoteoftheday.png among the downloaded files, then click Open button.
  5. Click the Save button (top left of the screen).
    The new front-end APIs now appears in the list of front-end APIs.

Testing the API

Now let’s test the API:

  1. In the frontend API list, click on the API name Quote of the Day SOAP 1.2.
    Note that the content of this page is much more detailed than the one provided by the API catalog , that we used in Register and virtualize a REST API.
  2. Select the API Methods tab. The only method is Quote
  3. Click on the Try method button.
  4. This time, the result is SOAP-type XML data. The Status code is 200 (meaning OK). The random quote appears lower in the text.

Register more Web services

You can register more APIs, for example publicly available APIs such as the Calculator API. This step is optional, the purpose is just to get a more respectable list of APIs. 

  1. To register and virtualize the Calculator Web service, perform the same steps as indicated above, using the following url:


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