• Q: How can I get help, share my feedback, or contact Axway?
    • To give your feedback on the tutorial, please fill in this Tutorial online survey.
    • To share your views on the product itself, go to this Feedback form
    • For help with technical issues, use the Contact form
    • To request a price quote, inquire about training, or for any other information, let's talk

  • Q: How long is the free trial?
    A: The free trial lasts 30 days from the day you signed up.

  • Q: How do I reset my password?
    A: Go to the API Portal, click on Forgot Password and follow the instructions.

  • Q: Why is my published API “pending approval”?
    A: During the free trial, your API will remain in the pending state.

  • Q: Why isn’t monitoring data appearing?
    A: It takes about 5 minutes for monitoring data to write to the database. Please keep in mind that only API calls from applications (API-Key) are recorded and displayed. See Monitor APIs and applications in API Manager for additional information.

  • Q: What product features are not available with the free trial?
    The following are not available:
    • API Manager: API admin rights such as quota management, settings, global traffic monitoring
    • API Portal: Portal admin interface
    • API Gateway: Policy development IDE and live traffic monitor

      To see the features and functionality available in Axway AMPLIFY API Management's different editions (free-trial, licensed and subscription), check the comparative table on Axway.com.

  • Q: Can I use a registration code in API Manager to allow a person to join my organization?
    A: No. Due to tracking reasons, direct registration in API Manager and API Portal are not available with the free trial

  • Q: How do I use OAuth to get an access token without using a 3rd-party tool?
    Follow these steps:
    1. Import an API into API Manager and select OAuth Protection
    2. Create an Application and generate an OAuth Credential (you can also do this from API Portal)
    3. Go to API Portal and test the API

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