The API-first philosophy

Some people consider APIs to be conveniences for developers, who can save time when making connections to data. In the Mobile first paradigm, for example, APIs are usually considered as tools for getting the mobile apps developed.

At Axway we support a different approach: API first. We provide tools that help you build your APIs first, then develop applications on top of those APIs. Those can be mobile apps, smartwatch apps, new cloud or B2B connections, or whatever technology fits in with your business. API first is your guarantee that your company is totally agile and can take advantage of to the changing requirements of the digital revolution. And that it can meet the surprises and challenges that have already sunk a number of well-established businesses.

API first means that the API is treated as more than a commodity: it is a first-class citizen. It is managed like a product. It has all the attributes of a product: a life cycle, a roadmap, a business plan, a Product Manager.

The API life cycle

API creation

Axway provides a number of tools to extract data from various sources and transform them into APIs.

API business development

AMPLIFY API Management puts API Product Managers fully in the driver's seat for on-boarding new partners and monitoring the business development of their APIs.

This is illustrated in:

API end of life

Axway AMPLIFY API Management handles the whole API life cycle, from cradle to grave.

Tidying sometimes means throwing out stuff that's no longer useful. Maintaining and managing APIs is a vital and time-consuming task, so it's important to ensure that the effort is used where it has the greatest added value. Companies like LinkedIn, Netflix, Google Earth, and ESPN APIs are high-profile examples of the decision to make APIs redundant.

There can be a number of reasons for putting an API to pasture. Here are just a few:

  • lack of use - maybe a thousand flowers just didn’t bloom as expected?
  • end of life of corresponding data sources
  • strategic decisions, such as imposing charges for API usage
  • security concerns

The analytics provided with API manager give you an objective basis for your decision making. It also informs you who would be affected by such a decision, so that you can contact the people concerned if need be. 


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