API Management tools

The diagram below shows the tools API Management offers to help the actors of the digital ecosystem at the different phases of the data cycle, already introduced in Understanding AMPLIFY API Management

  • Appcelerator: build the apps
    The development Platform for creating, testing, and managing your mobile and cloud applications
  • API Portal: consume APIs
    The tool for the developers to incorporate APIs in application.
  • API Manager: virtualize and manage APIs.
    API Manager is the tool for onboarding new developers, sharing data with new partners, to securely enlarge the sphere of your organization's digital ecosystem.
  • Visual Mapper converts incoming data for the purpose of easily delivering ready-to-use data output to your applications. You can visually build transformation functions to compute new output values based on several combined inputs.
  • API Builder: Build and deploy new API endpoints for consumption by any client application.
  • Appcelerator Arrow is a developer-friendly tool for preparing APIs for consumption by applications

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to come to terms with retirement.

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