Understanding AMPLIFY API Management

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Let's take a short break to talk about how Axway can help you cross the bridges in the perilous journey into the digital revolution. This section illustrates how AMPLIFY API Management will help you nurture a digital ecosystem.

For a lighter note, check out the The wild west of APIs, a metaphor of the development of APIs and API Management.The wild west of APIs

End to end life data cycle

Here's a diagram illustrating the complete end-to-end cycle of data between your data and end-users:

Starting from the right, we have your raw data (from enterprise systems, the cloud, etc), from which the Integration team extracts services (APIs, Webservices, JMS, etc). The API team represents the users of the AMPLIFY API Management solution, who make APIs accessible to the developers to build applications that reach the end-user.

Central role of API team

The diagram below develops part of the same data cycle, concentrating on the role of the API team. Using AMPLIFY API Management, the API team segments the API catalog to distribute API access among software product teams, thus securely channeling data from the data sources up to the applications and the end-users.

In this diagram, we see the API Administrators tailoring the flow of data to match the organization, policies, objectives and strategy of the enterprise - symbolized by the plan on the drawing board. AMPLIFY API Management provides a unique interface by which administrators can divide out API usage according to the type of application, the community of developers, the degree of security required, or for which devices or consumers the apps are targeted.

API Management General diagram

Legend key

Teams ready to create applications based on data from your APIs. This can be your new start-up partner in Estonia, full of creative designers, developers and product managers disruptively inventing new business models, or it can be an in-house maintenance team updating that creaking and leaking internal expense accounts application.

Segmentation and control over the API Catalog by the API team, to channel the flow of data, via APIs, into the upper branches
Strategic plans for the development of the company, that will be reflected in the segmentation of the API catalog
[CREATE] Axway AMPLIFY API Management offers solutions to convert data into REST data on the fly: for example, API Builder will take an SQL database and convert columns selected using AMPLIFY API Management into API functions
[CONTROL] Users of AMPLIFY API Management can determine how to provide application developers with easy access to the relevant and secured data (more on that in the next diagram).
[CONSUME] Some of this data serves to fuel mobile applications, some go to IoT objects, some go to the Cloud, some are fed back to traditional databases or launch emails

Axway support at every step

The new diagram shows the full life cycle again, based on the tree metaphor.

Legend key


Axway AMPLIFY API Management addresses the issue of developing cross-device applications with the industry's most advanced solution to that problem: Axway Appcelerator. Developers can avoid duplicate code by isolating device-specific content within their applications and pool the 80% of common lines of programming.

AMPLIFY API Management is key to providing security for the Internet of Things
Multi-channels apps aren't the whole story, however... Applications can also target updates of the database, sending mails, etc.

The next section >>> uses the tree metaphor to develop the list of tools
API Management offers the users different phases of the data cycle.

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