Main use cases

Axway use cases are repeatable customer solutions that Axway invests in by enhancing its products. For each use case, Axway identifies user personas, their goals and challenges, and documents how its products support the use case.

Common use cases for AMPLIFY API Management include:

Digital transformation

AMPLIFY API Management enables digital transformation of organizations, end exposing easy-to-consume APIs to digital consumers secured, managed, and integrated with the back-end application services that cloud and on-premise applications provide.

This facilitates and accelerates how organizations design, secure, manage, and integrate APIs. It also enables developers and partners to discover, subscribe, use, and monitor APIs.

Diagram illustrating digital transformation

This use case includes the following sub-use cases:

  • API management for any application: APIs are consumed by a web application (B2C, B2E, or B2B), web portal, mobile apps, connected things, or an API is promoted as a product.
  • Real-time B2B integration using REST to SOAP: B2B interactions are performed using REST APIs and SOAP APIs. APIs are exposed for partners to consume, and APIs exposed by partners are consumed.
  • Mobile application integration: APIs are consumed by B2C, B2E, or B2B mobile apps.
  • Internet of Things (IOT) back-end service: APIs running on connected things are consumed by internal applications, or enterprise APIs are consumed by connected things directly.

API-centric application integration

This use case enables you to integrate two applications using real-time data replication mechanisms. It uses a lightweight approach to application integration and real-time data replication patterns, with a focus on integration using web API technology and an API Catalog.

Diagram illustrating API-centric application intergration

This use case includes the following sub-use cases:

  • Cloud-to-ground application integration: API-centric integration between cloud applications (for example, Salesforce, ServiceNow, or Workday) and on-premise applications (for example, ERP, SCM, or back-office).
  • Ground-to-ground application integration: API-centric integration exclusively between on-premise applications.
  • Cloud-to-cloud application integration: API-centric integration exclusively between cloud applications.

Identity mediation and single sign-on

This use case enables you to integrate with third-party identity management systems. The API Gateway performs mediation between authentication and authorization systems on-the-fly, and can act as a Policy Enforcement Point (PEP) for access control.

Diagram on identity management and single sing-on

This use case includes the following sub uses cases:

  • Single sign-on (SSO) scenarios
  • Dynamic authentication and authorization
  • Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

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