AMPLIFY API Management modules

AMPLIFY API Management is a bundle of the following products:

API Builder

API Builder is a framework for building and running APIs either visually using the point-and-click interface or programmatically.

API Builder has two main components, API Builder and API Runtime Services. With API Builder, you can create APIs, models, and connectors to access data. Combine data from multiple sources, optimize the payload size, convert data to mobile formats, and finally deliver data to any app client, native or web. API Runtime Services provides a scalable infrastructure to run all your apps, as well as a repository to store, find, and share reusable app and API components.

For more details on API Builder, see API Builder documentation.

Mobile Backend Services

Mobile Backend Services(MBS, formerly ArrowDB and Arrow Push) is an optional product that you can include in AMPLIFY API Management. MBS provide pre-built and scalable cloud and mobile-specific back-end services using REST APIs and data objects. These services can be, for example, location-based services, social media integration, geo-location, photos, media handling, or sending push notifications to mobile apps.

App developers can call the MBS APIs to integrate with their apps, and add mobile features without the overhead of server coding or administration. Instead, developers can focus on client-side development and thus reduce overall time to market for their apps. Software development kits (SDKs) for integration with the following mobile platforms:

  • Titanium
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Node.js

For more details on Mobile Backend Services, see Mobile Backend Services documentation.

API Gateway

API Gateway is a server-side application you can use to manage, deliver, and secure APIs. API Gateway provides services such as API integration, transformation, control and governance, security, monitoring, development lifecycle, and administration.

With API Gateway you can bridge across different channels, from on-premises systems to cloud services, and from mobile devices to the Internet of Things (IoT). Integrate with your existing applications, identity management systems, communication protocols and other assets out of the box.

API Gateway comes with Policy Studio, an Eclipse-based graphical integrated development environment (IDE). Using Policy Studio, you can quickly to define, configure and manage API policies and open up existing applications as APIs. The web-based dashboards of API Gateway Manager and API Gateway Analytics provide managing and monitoring API deployments at runtime. Gain real-time end-to-end visibility on the API usage, and receive alerts and troubleshoot APIs to find and fix issues. This helps you minimize business disruption and gain insights how to improve business performance.

For more details, see API Gateway Concepts Guide.

API Manager

API Manager is a web-based API administration and management tool layered on API Gateway.

With API Manager, you can build a central catalog of all available APIs, and virtualize them as needed. This way, you can centrally govern your APIs and how and by whom they are consumed. Secure APIs using a broad range of security and authentication profiles, and protect the back end with throttling and quota management policies. In addition, you can connect in one click with the most popular cloud applications and expose their APIs, or create complex integration scenario using custom advanced integration policies.

For more details, see API Manager User Guide.

API Portal

API Portal is a self-service developer portal layered on both API Manager and API Gateway.

API Portal enables both internal or external client application developers to browse, consume, build, and test APIs for use in their applications on their own. You can use several channels, such as FAQs, articles, forums or blogs, to provide more information for the developers and to encourage developer engagement. The look and feel of the web-based API portal is fully customizable to match your brand and image.

For more details, see API Portal Administrator Guide.

Embedded Analytics for API Management

Embedded Analytics for API Management provides preconfigured Decision Insight dashboards that provide real-time operational and strategic analytics for API Management.

With preconfigured Decision Insight dashboards, you can investigate both current and past issues, as well as proactively identify abnormal situations before they become critical.

You can set up multiple dashboards geared for different roles in API Management or addressing different domains. This provides different viewpoints to the same API activity depending on role in question. You can also customize dashboards to enhance and fine-tune the analytics metrics to suit your needs and environment.

For more details, see Embedded Analytics for AMPLIFY API Management documentation.

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