Key capabilities

The following diagram outlines the key components in AMPLIFY API Management solution, and how they integrate with different services and channels.

Key features and integration of the API Management Plus


AMPLIFY API Management provides multiple ways to create new APIs to ensure flexibility in addressing a wide range of API provider scenarios:

  • API Builder is the primary mechanism for creating new APIs that integrate with cloud or SaaS and on-premise applications. Design, build, test, and run JavaScript-based APIs and micro-services on a modern Node.js platform.
  • API Gateway enables development of APIs that integrate with on-premise applications and require data transformation or mediating API-centric identities to legacy identities.
  • APIs that applications expose natively can be registered directly in API Manager.


All APIs are registered in API Manager to manage, secure and scale the API usage of the API consumers.

  • APIs are imported into API Manager and exposed with applied authentication, authorization and quota management policies. You can also develop custom security and governance policies in Policy Studio and apply them to your APIs.
  • API Gateway provides security and threat protection capabilities deployed in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) to secure external API traffic entering the enterprise.
  • APIs can be accessed only through a secure SSL connection.
  • APIs can be accessed only through API Manager to prevent client applications invoking the APIs directly in an unsecured and unmanaged manner.


APIs are published to API Catalog in API Manager to enable API consumers to discover and use APIs in their client and mobile applications. AMPLIFY API Management provides flexibility to support multiple mechanisms for enabling API consumption:

  • API Manager is the preferred option for internal-facing API Catalogs. It provides the developer portal core capabilities for API consumers, such as self-registration, browsing the API Catalogs, managing user credentials, and monitoring API usage.
  • API Manager API enables you to create custom developer portals or integrate with your current portals, leveraging your existing technologies and development skills.
  • API Portal is an optional add-on to AMPLIFY API Management to provide a Joomla!-based developer portal with blog and forum capabilities, branded and customized for external-facing API Catalogs.


AMPLIFY API Management provides API usage analytics at all stages of the API lifecycle for both API providers and API consumers.

  • API Gateway provides real-time operational monitoring, enabling API providers to identify and troubleshoot issues and to drill into individual API requests and message contents.
  • API Manager and API Portal provide key API usage information on both API providers and API consumers.
  • API Gateway Analytics is an optional add-on to AMPLIFY API Management to provide you more detailed historical API usage reports.
  • Embedded Analytics for API Management provides preconfigured dashboards that provide real-time operational and strategic analytics, enabling API providers to investigate both current and past issues, as well as proactively identify abnormal situations before they become critical.

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