Deployment options

The following explains the different options for hosting you AMPLIFY API Management solution as well as the form factor available for each module.

Hosting options

You can choose how you want your AMPLIFY API Management deployment to be hosted:

Diagram illustrating the hosting options.

On-premise hosting

Hosting your AMPLIFY API Management deployment on-premise offers you the following form factor options: a software installation or Docker containers. You can also mix different form factors across the solution.

On-premise hosting means the solution can be located fully within your domain, increasing security. You are fully in control of the whole AMPLIFY API Management solution, which on one hand means increased flexibility and customization options, but on the other hand also added overhead and increased resource requirements.

If your API consumers are only internal, such as employees or business partners who have access to your internal network, hosting AMPLIFY API Management on-premise is the best option because there is no benefit to a cloud solution in this case.

Virtual private cloud hosting

You can use any Platform as a Service (PaaS) vendor to host your VPC. Axway offers Docker resources for all AMPLIFY API Management modules that you can deploy and run in containers in your VPC.

VPC hosting makes the hardware infrastructure and its maintenance a service you can outsource, making scaling the system to your needs quicker and easier . Even without managing the hardware yourself, you still manage the AMPLIFY API Management solution like in on-premise hosting.

VPC is excellent for external API consumers who do not have access to your internal network. As a cloud solution, it is also accessible from anywhere.

Axway Cloud hosting

Axway Cloud is fully managed by Axway. All that is left for you to start is to select the region where you want to host your AMPLIFY API Management.

Axway Cloud is the turnkey solution when time to market is of the essence. The solution is ready to use for you without any management overhead. While this does mean less flexibility for configuration options, it also means simplicity and quickly getting on with the basic use cases.

Like VPC, Axway Cloud is excellent for external API consumers as well as accessible from anywhere.

Form factors

AMPLIFY API Management modules are available as follows:

Module Form factors
API Builder
  • Software installation on Windows, UNIX/Linux, and macOS
  • Docker
Mobile Backend Services
  • Axway-hosted API Runtime Services VPC
  • Axway Appcelerator Public Cloud
API Gateway and API Manager
  • Software installation on UNIX/Linux
  • Docker
API Portal
  • Software installation on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
  • Docker
Embedded Analytics for API Management
  • Software installation on Windows and UNIX/Linux
  • Docker

The available options depend on the component and how your AMPLIFY API Management is hosted.

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